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Commitment Day

Every year we ask our small group leaders (SGLs) to recommit to the year ahead.  This year we wanted to celebrate and have some fun as they committed to the upcoming year.  So with that in mind, we took a page from the "Commitment" and "Signing" days you see occur with athletes and held one for our SGLs at the end of our monthly leader's meeting.

It was simple and fun to do as we already had the banner (we use, super affordable) and the hat (from our storefront via printful). We called up one of the guys who prints shirts for us and he was able to make two jerseys for us, one for our middle school ministry, Oasis, and the other for our high school ministry, Wake, at a relatively inexpensive rate.  If you don't have a "shirt guy" then take a moment and look up local printing companies in your area. I hope you'll be able to make a partnership with them that will help your ridiculous ideas come to life with only two days notice