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Deck the Halls

When students enter into our building, they get checked-in and then proceed down a long, slightly yellow tinted hallway before arriving in one of our gathering places.

For years we had no decor up on the walls and had no great idea as to what to put in that space to not only fill it up but to make it feel welcoming.  Luckily, there was a season in which our college & young adult ministry was utilizing the space and they came up with the brilliant idea to make simple banner hangers for the hallway to hang pertinent information about the ministry whether it was week-to-week or event based.

The hooks are simply flanges and large 90 degree pipes from Home Depot and they used pipe to run through the top and bottom of the banner.  The top pipe hangs the banner on the hooks while bottom pipe weighs it down so that the banner doesn't curl up on ya or so that they don't flail around when middle school students start doing wind sprints down the hallway

We jumped in on the idea and now have six, sharp looking banners that fill the hallway throughout the week. Bing banners came through for us once again and have continued to come through as we switched out banners throughout the year for various events.  One of the best things about the banners is that they are very easy to switch out and take down if need be.

This means that if you have a shared space with other ministries or if there's an event that's taking place then you can easily remove the banners. We've had to do so for other events happening in the space and those hosting the events have either not noticed the hooks at all as they blend into the other decor in the building or used them to hang their own decor thus providing the same welcoming feel for their event.