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Cardboard Boat Races

Games. Good ones can be tough to come by so when you find a good one you've got to share it. One of the best games we have ever done? Cardboard Boat Races!

We did this game at our last High School (Wake) Fall Retreat and it was nothing short of ridiculous, epic, and every other adjective a student ministry guy or gal could dream of. Here's how it works:

Boat Racing

The building of the boats took place while other competitions were going on. We do a Clash of the Classes between all four of our grades with the champion taking home The Class Cup and the Boat Race was the final competition. We also got leaders involved with the Cardboard Boat Building Teams to help serve as supervisors to their construction (our "engineer" leaders loved this).

4-5 students from each grade were picked before the other games began to build a boat with just duct tape and a few cardboard boxes. When a grade would win one of the other games their Cardboard Boat Building Team would win additional supplies like pool noodles, saran wrap, more duct tape, a captain's know, the essential boat building materials.

At the end of the other competitions we all gathered around on the beach of the waterfront while the Boat teams headed to the dock. From there they placed their boat and their captain in the water to race to the shore! Whoever made it to the finish line first won! 

Here were the official rules to the game:

Boat Racing
  • Students can build their boats only with the materials that are provided or won from another game.
  • No attacking other boats while building your boat or while racing. If your boat is attacking others it will be disqualified.
  • You will be disqualified from the race if your boat fully sinks


Like I said earlier, this game was bonkers and one that we will be doing again this year!

Joe CrabbComment