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Dr. Seuss Rap Battle with Beats!

Spittin' Seuss Bars

This isn't a normal "idea" post as it is making some resources available that we've used for one of the best games someone has ever come up with, Dr. Seuss Rap.

We first came across this idea from the folks of Youth Group Collective. Instead of looking around for some hip-hop/rap beats that would go well with the fine literary art of Dr. Seuss, one of our Student Ministry staff, Gar, decided to create our own.

Gar is a wizard at making music and has some put together some great tracks that we've used for things like podcast intros and audio beds for videos (check his stuff out here.)

You can click here to listen and download the three tracks that we use for our Dr. Seuss Rap Battles.

Below are some images you can use as background slides for when the game goes down!